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Peregrination of the Deliverer

“just a plain ole good read.”
–Joey Endres (Megazeen)

“I laughed, I cried, then I reread it.”
— Dan Barlow (artist of Point Pleasure, Frank Gunn, and more)

“Peregrination of the Deliverer is a diamond in the rough, one of those rare gems that, while not perfect, delivers a solidly told story.”
— Ben Avery (Community Comics)

“A town of innocents meets an unforeseen catastrophe that leads them on the journey of their lives.” The Water Village has met with disaster and only a handful of survivors can save it. They set out to travel across the globe to seek out an object which might be able to save what’s left of their home.

Peregrination of the Deliverer is an on going series about Sainida, Jareoben, Huln, Taisuk, and Kolmi’s journey to restore their lost village. PotD is Make Belief Studios’ first official serial comic series. Noting the evolution of Make Belief Studios’ art and story style. It’s being credited for it’s original, exciting story, high detail, and original character designs.

PotD has an intense story yet with passive pacing that may be enjoyed by anyone so please check it out.

PotD is opening the door to many other comic series that will be produced through Make Belief Studios. So don’t miss out on the legend in the making.


You can read complete issues of PotD by clicking below. If you want to read more of PotD, please make it known by showing your support!

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-Sainida (S-{EYE}-{KNEE}-DAH) :A young mother who lost her family in the tragedy. Sainida was the last to learn about the fate of the Water Village as she was out of town when it happened. As such, Sainida hasn’t been able to sort out her feelings on the event and the decision to journey to the Ice Village for help. All she knows is the strange feeling compelling her to keep moving forward, even though she doesn’t really understand where or what for.

-Jareoben (JAH-RAY-OH-BEN) :Sainida’s childhood friend. Jareoben comes from one of the largest families in the village and lost them all. Yet Jareoben still manages to smile in the face of tragedy and eagerly compels the group forward in hopes that something good will eventually come about. But Jareoben is still young and often causes problems for the group when he attempts to act heroic yet just can’t seem to follow his intentions through.

-Huln (HULL-N) :Huln is the official leader of the Water Village and it’s expedition to the Ice Village. Huln has been trained from a young age for the purpose of one day to become the head of the Village. Now Huln does his job with pride and grace, constantly trying to solve all the problems which face his people. Perhaps he tries a bit too hard, sometimes.

-Kruschia ({CREW}-SH-CHEE-AH) :Huln’s best childhood friend and caretaker. “Kindness” is the only word which most sufficiently describes Kruschia. He has a kindness which often intimidates others and puts himself at risk. Due to an accident which occurred while the group was setting off to the Ice Village, Kruschia is unable to join the journey. He resolves to remain with the ghost of a village and care for what’s left of it as he waits for the others to return.

-Taisuk ({TIE}-SOOK) :Taisuk immigrated to the Water Village from an unknown wandering tribe with his wife while they were young. Taisuk is grateful for the resources of the Water Village and is passionate about protecting it. However, the death of his wife years ago has left him bitter and defensive. Loosing his daughter in the tragedy only made things worse.

-Kolmi ({COAL}-MEE) :Though most of the members of the Water Village consider him one of their own, Kolmi is not a member of the Water Village. At a young age, for unknown reasons, his family left the village. Soon after his parents abandoned him. Kolmi remained there in the forest near the Water Village, surviving on his own away from people.


-Water Village: The object of subject in our story. The Water Village is known as the paradise of the world. Located in the treetops of a tropical forest where everything is knee deep in water, the village is bountiful in food and beauty. Often an object of jealousy by the countless suffering tribes of this world, the Water Village has innumerable enemies but has managed to defend itself until now.

-Desert Village: A city carved into the heart of a mountain. The Desert Village is a symbol of strength in the unforgiving desert. The Desert Village is center of the connected world, directly in between the Water and Ice Villages. It’s also the center of the world’s trading and commerce. The people here are known for being strong and good with their hands. Creating tools to trade with passing tribes and villages for what little food and water they can get their hands on. However, once the Water Village survivors land in this city, they notice that many things aren’t as they used to be.

-Ice Village: Living in the harsh arctic of the world which should be uninhabitable by humans, the Ice Village is a source of technological advancements in this prehistoric world. The Ice Village is the only hope the remnants of the Water Village have of saving their home. The Ice Village is also a very artistic tribe, having tools and skills superior to even the Desert Village. It is only their dangerous commute which prevents them from being the center of the social world.

-Nomad Tribes: The world of PotD is primitive and spacious. As far as the discovered world knows, it revolves around the three main tribes; Water, Sand, and Ice. But there are countless smaller tribes which wander the planet. Many are aggressive. Some are as small as immediate families, braving the elements on their own. Others large enough to compete with the major villages, yet content enough to mind their own business and remain hidden amongst the serenity of the “uncivilized” and un-networked world. The world of PotD’s story wraps around the social connections of the 3 main villages, but there are countless happenings involving the unheard tribes of the complete world. Few of which are even hinted in the story of the tragedy of the Water Village.

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Peregrination of the Deliverer by
Make Belief Studios is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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    I am a journalist in Saskatchewan, Canada, and a lover of comics. I am looking for sources of comics for comic review column I do.

    So might you have anything that you would wish to mail my way to be reviewed (I am focusing on actual paper copies, no pdfs.)?

    The columns are posted weekly at

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    Some of the material already on the review schedule include; Anafae by Monica Richards & James Neely, The Hunter — Adam Hamdy, Lackadaisy – Tracy J. Butler, Cold Blooded Chillers – R.M. Heske, The Franchise – Garcia Jimenez Maniquis, and Dream Keepers – David Lillie

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    Calvin Daniels
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