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April 27, 2011

Script for The Note 2

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Doujinshi sequal for Koukai Sarena Katta Shuki: The Note

It’s all spoilers and it’s all subject to change, it’s here for me to work on, don’t complain if you read it.

chapter 1
goals: toshihiko’s explaination and transformation (off frame)
setting: Outside the castle, in the rubble of the mansion (Is the castle physical or spiritual?)

-Toshihiko (frantic, but determined): What am I doing here?! I didn’t want anything to do with this place ever again! But I haven’t been the same since. And my psychatrist said I need to face my fears if I want to get over this. He doesn’t believe that we were kidnapped by actual Shinigami though! *whimpers*

-Toshihiko roams the mansion: “Look at this place, there should be no more danger right? But then why do I feel so funny? Like a horrific type of nastalgia. They did a good job “sealing” the castle. Even if the spirits somehow survived they can’t hurt me through this mess, right? This is their graves and I’m going to dance on it! Wahhoo! We beat you all! (dancing)

-A bit of red flashes and Toshihiko gets scared again

-Toshihiko: “What was that?! It can’t be-? No, she was destroyed. But that feeling… it’s stronger over here.

-Toshihiko approaches a glowing bit of stone under some rubble.

-Toshihiko: “What’s this? (picks up bit of soul stone) Ah! This feeling, it can’t be! It’s you? This is what you’ve become? (laughs maniacally) This is all you are now? I could crush you with my – ow – well, maybe not with my hand but this is it! You can’t hurt me anymore! This is what I came here for! I’ll destroy you for everything you did to me! I’ll- I’ll-… (off frame) I’m free.”

Splash page: Koukai Sarena Katta Shuki 2: The Message

Chapter 2
goal: Introduce Yoko and Kenji, who have received a distressed call from toshihiko. learn the characters names and a bit of their relationships, yoko protecting toshihiko, kenji protecting both of them. exposition about their lives since the dissolving of the occult club.
Setting: Hotel room

-Toshihiko’s message playing through Yoko’s phone: “Yoko-san. I’ve returned to the castle. You know the one. It’s happening again. Please help me, Yoko! I’m sorry…”
-Kenji: “Well, we’re here again. This town is as cryptic and empty as before. Why couldn’t that idiot Toshihiko leave well enough alone.”
-Yoko: “C’mon Kenji, you know how much it bothered him.”
-Kenji: “You shouldn’t defend him, Yoko. Not this time. It affected all of us, but only he needed to return.”
-Yoko: “And we, his friends, need to help him. We’re here now, it’s like a reunion of the occult club.”
-Kenji: “But this is messed up. This place is the reason we ended the Occult club. I don’t understand why you’ve grown so protective of Toshihiko…”
-Yoko: “Terrible things happened here. It was my fault the first time… and just like last time I know you’re not going to abandon us!”
-Kenji: “Well, we’re here now. We can’t return emptyhanded.”
-They start to head off triumphantly, then Yoko’s cell phone rings.
-Yoko: “Ah!”
-Kenji: “A text?”
-Yoko: “Yes… uh.”
-Kenji: “Is it from Toshihiko? What’s it say?”
-Yoko: “No, it isn’t. It doesn’t say who it’s from… but it says “Don’t come.”

*snicker, that’s dirty*

Chapter 3
goal: Introduce NecroToshi, ressurect thanatos
setting: In front of the castle, in what’s left of the cottage.
-Yoko: “We’re here.”
-Kenji: “I have to say the place looks good. Too bad the castle isn’t in the same state. Do we have to go in to find Toshihiko?”
-Yoko: “It only makes sense that he’d be inside. Lets get him back, quickly!”
-They enter the castle. NecroToshi is waiting for them in the shadows.
-Yoko: “Kenji, look!”
-Kenji: “Aikawa-san is that you?!”
-NecroToshi: “Yoko-san, Kenji-san! Thank god you’ve come for me!”
-Yoko: “Why are you here Toshihiko? What happened? What- What’s wrong with you? Let me light a torch so we can see.”
-Toshihiko: “NO! That’s alright, just come here and help me up.”
-Yoko: “I can’t help you up if I don’t light the torch.”
-NecroToshi: “I said no!”
-Kenji: “Yoko! Watch out!”
-NecroToshi dives at Yoko and Kenji blocks
-NecroToshi floats in the air like a puppet with Kenji dangling from his arms, necromeda’s snake tail is coming from under Necrotoshi’s jacket and the mask is on the other end while Toshi swings underneath it.
-NecroToshi: “AHAHAHAHAHA I love the blood of children! Too bad I couldn’t taste of it the first time we met, when it was fresh! No matter, now you will nourish my brothers!”
-Yoko: “KENJI! TOSHI NO!!”
-NecroToshi takes out a glowing black rock and shoves it into Kenji’s teeth.
-Kenji: “Toshi-!”
-Kenji shakes in terror as blood pours from his mouth and NecroToshi holds the rock in.
-Yoko cries while a marker falls in front of her: “What’s that?… A marker?”
-NecroToshi drops Kenji, who’s eyes and arms are glowing red.
-NecroToshi sets sight on Yoko and pulls out the blue soul stone piece: “For my brothers!”
-Yoko picks up the marker and disapears

chapter 4
goals: exposition between Thanaji and NecroToshi Thanaji won’t let NecroToshi use a woman to ressurect Hypnos. Demands that they find and use Paulo.
Setting: Still the first room of the castle.

-NecroToshi: “Damn. That one is still at work here.”
-Thanaji groans and get’s up.
-NecroToshi: “Thanatos! You’re alive again!”
-Thanaji attacks NecroToshi: “Ker… why did you raise me before my brother?”
-NecroToshi: “I- I need you.”
-Thanaji: “Worthless. You’ve become no better than Stheno. Your souls are still young, I should use you to restore my brother!”
-NecroToshi: “But you need me to bring in new souls! Souls for you, blood for me!”
-Thanaji: “Wrong! We don’t need you, we gave you a chance to be one of us. Meda, Lamia, Ker, now this one… You are dilluted, sister, we will use you in whatever way we see fit, but we don’t need you.”
-NecroToshi: “So cold brother. Time will strengthen my souls into the original. I have been faithful and I can still bring new blood like before. The other new soul is still here, he can be used to ressurect brother.”
-Thanaji: “This will do. My brother Hypnos will rise with me again and forever.”

Chapter 5
goal: Yuji meets Yoko
Setting: the Room of Dreams
-Yoko teleports into room: “Where am I?”
-Yuji, slumped in his chair: “You must be Linda. Or is that just a travel name? I had one as well when my wife and I moved here, but feel free to call me by my real name; Saeki Yuji.”
-Yoko: “Yuji-san! It’s been so long but I don’t think we were ever in situation for proper introductions. I am Sato Yoko. You just saved me, right? Thank you so much but please we need to help Toshihiko and Kenji!”
-Yuji: “There’s nothing I can do.”
-Yoko: “What?”
-Yuji: “I’m sorry. I know I brought you deeper into the castle, but it was all I could do to get you away from the demon. I’m still too weak from the last battle… I might never recover.”
-Yoko: “But… then what can we do?”
-Yuji: “You need to leave, Yoko. There is nothing more that can be done.”
-Yoko: “No.”
-Yuji: “Take the markers. They won’t expect you to go to the balcony, go there and throw one of the markers as far as you can, it’s your only chance.”
-Yoko: “NO! I can’t leave Toshihiko. Or Kenji! We’ve been through this before, you just don’t understand that we can’t abandon each other!”
-Yuji: “… No. I’ve been through this before, I do understand why you can’t abandon them. Here.”
-Yuji gives Yoko his soulstone: “This will give you my strength to fight the shinigami.”
-Yoko: “Will that make me like Toshihiko now? I can’t do that! I can’t save them if I lose myself!”
-Yuji: “Don’t worry. Just take the stone, you will be safe. Find my mask. It’ll give you my power and you can keep your form.”
-Yoko: “Where-”
-Yuji: “Go quickly, I’ll hide you from the other two, but the monsters will have been ressurected along with their masters. So be careful.”
-Yoko: “Yuji-san. Are you… human or one of them?”
-Yuji: “… I used to think that I knew the answer to that.”

Chapter 6
goal: Thanaji muses about meda and plots against Yoko as Necrotoshi transforms further

Chapter 7
goal: Yoko fights Night Guant and merges with Yuji’s mask. (beats night guant by spiritually reaching inside it and destroying it’s spiritstone)

Akira 新堂一哉 L:Shindou F:Kazuya
Angela 神矢千里 L:Kamiya F:Chisato
Paulo 佐伯祐二 L:Saeki F:Yuji
Toshi 相川俊彦 L:Aikawa F:Toshihiko
Dave 中嶋健二 L:Nakajima F:Kenji
Linda 佐藤洋子 L:Sato F:Yoko
Meda/ Saeki Meda/ Ker/ Necromeda/ Necrohiko

necromeda (Ker) is a drakaina? Lamia?

-toshi saves money for years to go back to mansion rubble for petty revenge. finds meda’s soul stone core and eats it. He becomes a fusion with the demon.

-necrotoshi summons the other two “kids” to the mansion ruins. Brings back thanatos via Dave.

-exposition of how tanatos seduced meda (making her ker, or “necromeda” to paulo). Paulo was a writer too obsessed with work? No, otherway: Meda was obsessed.

-tanatos is angry with necro for not bringing his brother back. tanatos plans to have paulo fuse with hypnos because he doesn’t want linda to be his brother.

-paulo is weakened and fuses with Linda to fight medio. Linda sends more pictures to angela via txt message. linda wears paulo’s mask at first, then eventually has to eat his soulstone in the final battle.

-did paulo find a way to make himself a spirit? Where are soulstones hidden normally?

-Meda originally a teacher, with paulo, moved to the castle out of historic interest for the spiritual art. Meda learns about tanatoes and finds herself falling in love with him. Paulo, studying occult, finds a way to materialize tanatos, via his soul stone. Tanatos gets meda to eat Lamia’s soulstone. Necromeda kills all her students, making tanatos grow stronger. Paulo uses occult knowledge to remove his own soul, dawn a mask and become a spirit.

-Stheno, being Gorgon, was a physical being. Thanatos wanted a spiritual one so he turned meda in to a Ker. Stheno still alive, kinda.

-Once Hypnos is revived, tanatos devours necrotosha and linda kamikaze’s into hypnos, being devoured herself
-Yoko has always protected Toshihiko and thus has strong defenseful feelings for him, allowing her physical form to over power Yuji’s when merging with him and Hypnos.
-tanatos and hypnos go off to the castle “where there is hypnos, there will be tanatos, were there is tanatos, there will be hypnos”
-Angela seals the castle with paulo’s mask.


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