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January 26, 2008

chapter 13

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The night passed by slowly and my mind was too busy to get much sleep, but it was warm and peaceful. I felt rested enough when the sun rose the next morning. I was already up, dressed and sitting on my bed in the warm blanket of sunlight from my window, doing light headed morning thinking, when Tremarch came to my door to wake me.

We were soon ready to leave. Tremarch’s armor suit had disappeared the night before and he wore his regular plaid and denim. Once I had settled myself into my accustomed spot on top of the trailer deck, he gave me a beet and kidney bean sandwich wrapped in a pink tea napkin and we were on our way to town.

The morning was quiet. It had gone by with both of us hardly saying a thing. Just a few “excuse me”-s and a “oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t see your foot there” as we got our boots on in the small porch. The morning was almost solemn. The trailer was pushed slowly at Tremarch’s pace. It went smoothly over the tree roots which entwined the worn path. I quietly played, through the fabric of my blouse, with the capsule Tremarch had given me. The air was calm. Humidity breathed from the green trees and the birds sang politely.

I was a bit sore from the day before. I had a scratch under my chin that I wasn’t happy with, but I’m sure Tremarch was worse from all the jumping around he did.
Maybe I had changed a little bit, since I had met Tremarch. I thought I may actually miss him. I’d traveled with others before. Even for as long as a month in one case, but I couldn’t wait to get back on my own as soon as I no longer needed them. I don’t like to tie people down like that. I guess it makes a difference when you get sick… or fight bees, and truly depend on someone for a while.
I hope Tremarch doesn’t think I’m a big jerk for invading his home… Even if it’s true. Argh! I can’t let it bother me now! We’re not going to see each other anymore after this! Everyone is destined to separate at some time! I can’t let this slow me down! I’ve never had trouble leaving people behind before.

“Sally,” Tremarch interrupted my emotional seizure.
“Hmm?” I raised my head from between my hands.
“What might you have planned to do in town?”
“Well, you said that there’s a castle there. That means that this ‘town’ is really this region’s capital, right?” Tremarch nodded after a silent moment of staring back at me. I put on a smile and flashed it in his direction. “I can get some real mad shopping done there! Just think: The Capital! All the leading fashion designers send their top products there! And all the top bakeries! It’s a young girl’s haven!”
“I know you don’t got any money.”
“Peh. Dream killer.” I pouted and threw my head away from Tremarch. I rolled my eyes up at the sky and nibbled the inside of my bottom lip. “Actually,” I said quietly, still not facing him, “I just want to get my own life. A place to live. A job to support it. Or maybe fall in love.” I dropped my vision down to the deck. I could feel a quiet smile growing on Tremarch. Slightly annoyed that I could sense this about him, I turned and looked. Tremarch’s eyes gleamed with swelling tears. “Geh…” I exhaled bitterly.
He’s totally having an old man moment. “Oh, the passion of youth…” or something like that.

I bucked my back and leaned in closer to Tremarch as he continued to push the vehicle.
“So? What are you gonna do now that your bees have flown the coop? Won’t the king be mad he can’t have ‘Royal Honey’ anymore?” Tremarch opened his eyes wide and exhaled exaggeratedly through his inflated cheeks.
“Oh don’t you go be gettin’ worried about me! I can handle the king, let me tell you! And still, I’m the finest lumberjack in the whole dern kingdom! A royal lumberjack, I tell you!” Tremarch rolled his eyes at me and I giggled through my fingers.

Geeze, he’s been saying that name a lot lately. Maybe a little too much.
“I’d love to tell you that you can stay with me anytime you need too. ‘owever, I still don’t want you wandering through the forest by yourself!” I grimaced.
“Still telling me what to do…” Tremarch shot a look in my direction, I quickly pretended to be watching the sky.
“I want you to take good care of yourself in town. No more gettin’ sick!” There was a moment’s pause. I held a forced smile. That is, a polite one. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had anyone stay in my house… I, I’m going to miss ya.” I clenched my teeth and glared at the back of Tremarch’s head.
He’s saying this now? We’re not even half way there! The rest of this trip is going to be so awkward…

And it was. Neither of us said anything for the longest time despite the tingly atmosphere demanding a follow up. Tremarch just trotted forward and once the atmosphere faded and I gave up trying to think of what to say next, I just day dreamed in the warm but empty air. Gradually, the high steeples of the castle came into view. As we walked closer, the tall towers rose with the noon sun and soon I could see the activity of travelers along the main road from around the forest, heading into town.

Tremarch’s forest had diminished. The massive trees had all become subtle shrubs. We rolled through a grassy hillside, rather awkwardly because of the size of the trailer, but there was a path present from all the previous times Tremarch had delivered to the king. We pulled up in the middle of a field just outside the town wall, just out of view of the main path. Tremarch brought us to a stop. Nothing was said, but it was apparent that it was time for me to get off, so I hopped to the soft ground. I stared at Tremarch plainly as I held my elbow close to my side and shifted my weight nervously between my feet.

“I’m delivering for the king so… I can’t take you to my gate.”
“I see.” I replied somberly.
I really don’t know what to say in situations like these.
“If you don’t think things will work out, I’ll leave ‘ere tomorrow at noon. You’re welcome to come and stay with me as long as you would like.”
A cold voice said from inside me.
I can’t bother this man anymore.
I knew he was going to say something like that and I knew I wouldn’t let myself accept. Typical ridiculously generous Tremarch…
“Thanks,” my eyes shifted everywhere except towards Tremarch’s, “for everything. I appreciate it… GACK!” Tremarch threw his arms around me and squashed his blunt nose into my sternum. I gagged as my locked elbows dug into my sides.
He must really have been alone in that house for a long time!

As soon as he let up I jumped out of his arms and hopped in the direction of the town’s main gate. “Alright, alright already! Get going, already!” I kicked a heel full of dust in Tremarch’s direction as I continued to hop backwards. Tremarch smiled and waved silently with a tear in his eye. I clicked my tongue and snapped my neck towards the main gate. It was time to move on! My time with Tremarch was over and I was at a brand new place to focus on. A place where anything could happen!

I sure hope its something good.


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