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November 17, 2007

chapter 03

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I woke up fairly early the next morning, or at least it felt early. It took me a long time to fall asleep. Not to mention a couple pointless trips to the outhouse, and a variety of abnormal sleeping positions involving my legs swaying above my head. My eyes felt swollen and I was sure a gear was out of place in my neck.

“Haaaaaaaaaaaahh!” A large holler rattled against my door. It was followed by a quick streaking noise as well as multiple fast, hollow thumps like someone violating a tree. I moused my way on my palms and the balls of my feet through my door and peered through the banister towards the kitchen. More rhythmic thumping sounded and a golden ripple like water floated past the kitchen entrance. It was closely followed by Tremarch. His legs bounced beneath his robe like dancers in a dragon costume as he pushed around a wash cloth.

Morning cleaning? Honestly, does he need to start it with a battle cry?

The streaks in the cleaned floor seemed to glow with a brilliant yellow in the morning light. I raised myself up off my knees and walked back to bed before Tremarch could notice me hanging about in nothing but my blouse.

He must polish this place everyday to get it to glow the way it does.

I returned to blissful morning sleep. Sleep should secure the possibility of me not having to help with chores.

Who the heck is Sally?
My eyelids sludged over my blurry eyes like two overweight snails. I was looking into a thick brown forest, with shrubbery that extended deep down two dark, crumbly caves. A wind blew through the forest and the trees all bowed. Suddenly a wide gaping hole opened up right in the middle of the forest! It was lined with pale white and yellow rocks and inhabited by some kind of monstrous red slug, it released a fowl stench! My body was instantly repelled by the smell! I flipped over to my side and buried my nose in the sheets clenched between my fingers!

“Are you awake Sally?” Tremarch leaned over my bed, barely even centimeters away from my cheek, exhaling his words through his shrubbery like beard.
“Gagh! What?! You’re face is too close!” I squeezed my eyes shut and rocked my head from side to side like a child in denial.

What a terrible thing to wake up to!

“I just wanted to let you know that there is food in the storage room downstairs. If we want to leave for town by tomorrow morning, I need to retrieve something from the forest. I’ll be back late this evening.”
“Fine.” I rolled my pillow over my head and squished my face in as deep as I could. After taking a breath to relax, I turned the pillow down and peaked over its corner. My door was open and Tremarch clomped down the stairs. With a huff and pout I dragged myself out of bed.

I was certain that I had been asleep for hours but the sun was only slightly higher in the sky than when I rose earlier. There was a clump of fabric on the floor which I pierced with my big toe and raised to my hand. I dressed in just a plain beige skirt with a simple blouse. I didn’t pack anything with me when I left home. All I thought I needed were my handy work boots, which were down stairs by the door.

After curling my long socks on, I swiftly guided my hand and self down the stair rail.
Food, eh?
At the bottom, the main entrance of the house was currently diagonal to my right. From its left, my right, there was the living room and beyond that the kitchen, both which I have become familiar with since I arrived last night. It stood to reason that there would be food storage in the kitchen. It was a big kitchen with lots of space, but despite that, I don’t recall seeing any kind of entrance to a storage room. There were cupboards and shelves, but no place for fresh food.

To my left, just beyond the staircase, were a couple of rooms I had yet to explore. With an affirmative nod I headed under the ledge of the second floor and grasped the first room’s doorknob. There were plenty of bedrooms upstairs, lots of space in the living room and kitchen… what could be kept in these rooms here? As I rotated my wrist and pushed on the door, the wood pattern swept from my vision and I beheld the whole room.

Absolutely nothing. Just an empty room. It wasn’t even half the width of the living room. The only things present were the the window on the far wall, and a few scuff marks on the floor.
Not much of a view either.
In the near corner of the left wall there was another door, so I strutted towards it and turned the knob.

Peering around the opening door, something silver caught my eye. It was another plain room much like the last. No furniture, no window in this one, but this room was much more interesting. The walls were lined with a large array of various weapons and armors.
Tremarch is a collector?

Nothing in the room looked used. Despite everything being clean and polished, something was really odd about this place. Besides the fact that mass amounts of extravagant soldier gear graced all four of its walls. I stopped gaping at the collective shine of the decorations and focused on one at a time. Sure enough, each piece was just as extraordinary as the last. I really mean extraordinary!

These suits and weapons didn’t look like typical king’s army uniforms. Every one was customized in some way. The majority of the weapons were different styles of axes. Most were giant sized. Their blades were almost as long as Tremarch’s body. Some had multiple heads stacked on top of each other, some had special cut edges, some were on chains, and some were long like double sided scythes.

The armor suits were just as strange with their various spikes, odd chain links, and overlapping edges. Some seemed built to protect upper body, while some seemed designed to protect the lower. Looking at others, I couldn’t even figure out how you were supposed to move. They all looked roughly fitted for the same size of man and almost everything was engraved with a crest somewhere on it: the chests of the armors, the joints of the weapons. They were brightly colored crests and each looked different.

I didn’t grow up near a castle. I’ve rarely seen anything from the real military, except for pictures in school books. In short, I know nothing about military gear, yet I was in awe over this collection. Or maybe the thing that shocked me most was:
What’s a hermit like Tremarch doing with all this?

Then while staring at a particularly bony multi-headed axe, I noticed something peculiar.


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  1. Oooooh, something peculiar? This is getting interesting. Nice job so far! :3

    Comment by Syreth — November 21, 2007 @ 1:41 am

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