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November 7, 2007

chapter 01

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Make Belief Studios does all text stories too! Here’s the start of a long adventure story that’s still in the works. It’s WIP, so these posts might change without notice.



So long!”
My hand flickered in his direction as I gleamed a toothy triangular grin.

His rectangle of a figure slouched and wheezed a sound that went perfectly with his open circle of a mouth. I turned my back and cock-walked to my own path of destiny–
a path away from his.

Stupid soldier boy, there aren’t any wars around here… It was fun though!
I smiled at a quick reminiscence then never thought of it again.


Items of Importance: Place to spend the night… and food!
I walked all afternoon and still hadn’t caught sight of an end to the forest I had decided to cross. Nothing but walls and walls of clumpy greens and a dark brown path that couldn’t go five strides without losing its way.

Best start looking for some makeshift shelter. Or better yet… a cabin!

No, really! I had just spotted a cabin! Hope quickly swelled up behind my nose and I immediately cut through the bushes. Just a short distance off the trudged path, lightly blended into the saplings. Just a few steps, pushed past a couple of stingy branches and- EEEW! SPIDER! Hop. Skip. I was at the door!

There it was, tall, solid, wooden, and in the middle of nowhere. I couldn’t believe my luck, actually, I was constantly surprised at my luck. I always seemed to be in the right place at the right time. It was a few months since I decided to leave home and go on my own and I was really surprised how well things had been going for me.

When I first left, I passed through a farming community, so I seldom went hungry. As long as I didn’t get caught pinching crops, things were all good! Then once I was past the fields and wasn’t sure what I was going to do, I ran into that stray soldier who was randomly wandering the countryside and he took care of me ever since!

I didn’t plan to stay with him for so long, but as long as his talks about wars and discipline didn’t get too annoying, which they eventually did, why not? He cooked, he took care of camp, I thought it was a great arrangement! For the better that I left though, I didn’t want to grow too dependent on just one person and besides, people always have to part ways someday, right? It’s best not to get too attached.

Anyway, back to the cabin,

Does anybody live here?”
I forced my neck as far as it could go through the doorway of the two story building. My voice was quickly swallowed by the emptiness of the room. No one was outside either. There was what looked like a larger yard behind the tall, pointed cabin, but there was no obvious evidence of life.

An active fireplace, the typical sign of occupancy.

Yet no one around. The polite thing would be to wait outside, but that’s so boring! Wait!

My foot halted and hovered above a gritty, sloshy welcome mat resting lightly on the well polished wood floor. The mat didn’t say welcome, but something that used automatically invited more dirty feet. I pulled my focus from the entrancement of the warm room and thought to myself,
I’m not anywhere near my old hometown. Strangers might not be welcomed here. People this far out into the country probably don’t take kindly to trespassers. I could be shot! Eww, what if a dirty old man lives here? …What if he’s not bad looking? No, be realistic! Nobody this far away from civilization would put a priority on appearances. Hmm… I haven’t looked in the mirror for a while either. I wonder-

“Can I help you?”
A gruff yet polite voice interrupted my thoughts.
I pulled myself back as my eyes widened and I let out a slight “eep.” A grubby, short man had suddenly appeared in front of me.
“You’re letting in the mosquitoes.”
My mouth hung open as I gathered the situation. I was still standing only halfway through this stranger’s doorway.

“Ah! I’m so sorry!” I jumped in, threw the door shut with my foot, and bowed slightly to cover my embarrassment. “eh- did you just say moskwitos?”
“I don’t think so.”
“So sorry!”
I felt my face burn with embarrassment and I bowed deeper. Then slowly I raised my shoulders and worked up to looking the man in the eye.

Short. Hairy.
Not my type. Not that I haven’t adapted in the past, or couldn’t adapt again, but he’s just plain too old for me.

Hairy. Short.

“A Dwarf!”
“Aw, but you look just like one.” Disappointment. The non-dwarf old man, with hands at his hips, pushed his shoulders back slightly and ahem-ed his throat.
“What is a young lady like yourself doing in the stoop of my humble abode?”
Stoop? He’s right! He’s standing on a step! He’s even shorter than I thought! I could poke him in the eye and still keep my thumbs in my pockets!
“Young Lady is hoping to abode here herself.” I imitated his out-of-touch speak. Not that there was much for verbal conformity in a country as wide spread as ours. My smile compressed my left eyelid as I tilted my head to the right.

My eyes grazed the upper levels of the building. Everything was wood – including the fireplace. No bricks, steel, or mortar was in place to keep its flames contained.
Strange. Fireproof polish?
“That is, unless you know of any other suitable shelters in the local forest?”
The old man gave a surprised look at my fowardness, “‘aven’t been out of the nest for very long, ‘aven’t you, lass?”
My bottom eyelid quivered. “Lass…” I haven’t paid attention to old man talk in a long time.
“Hehh.” I smiled politely. That is, forcibly. “May I please stay here for the night?”

I was aware that it was an awkward question. How often do you go to random houses and ask to spend the night? But this was the middle of a forest! I’m a poor defenseless girl! Why should I have to sleep outside?!

It should have been obvious that I would never accept a “no” but I was putting out an aura to say I was ready to fight for his approval. Or at least sneak in the back after he’d gone to bed. Who was this old man to keep such a big place to himself anyway?

“Hah! Very well.” The old man grinned through his thick whiskers. “I’ll go get my things.”
“Huh? Things?” I squeaked. The old man clunked his way to a couch in the middle of the room, grabbed a few blankets and a pillow.
“There is a tool shed in the backyard, it certainly isn’t fit for a lady, so I’ll go there myself! In fact, I might be the lucky one. It’s much closer to the outhouse. Ha, hoo hoo.” He chuckled as he bundled his blankets all under one arm and headed back in my direction. I dodged to the right of him and entered what I assumed to be the living room. The old man picked up his mucky boots from beside the welcome mat and held them in front of himself while he nudged his lower half down to sit on the step.

“You know, I’m not worried about spending the night with a feeble old man.”
“Good on you, lass, but I live out here as a lonely man and it’s my wife whom might get worried.”
You have a wife?”
“I’m quite sure I still do. ‘Aven’t seen her in a number of years though.”
Does that mean she’s dead?

In the stoop he tugged at his boots then sprung from the step. Hoisting the blankets above his head so the bits that were hanging loosely would avoid the muddy welcome mat, he opened the door and looked back. “I’ll be set up in a jiff, then I’ll be back to cook us some supper!” His smiling wrinkles disappeared behind the shutting door.
I heard the door latch into place.

I stood hunched over with my hands weighted at my sides. I’m sure it looked like I was just slapped with someone’s sweaty sock. I was in.
“Okaaay.” I exhaled in disbelief. His acceptance and generosity were almost worrisome. However, I did manage to check off both things on tonight’s “Items of Importance” list! I thought best to deal with one thing at a time.


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